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MemoKids: Memory Adventure!

Challenge your memory and meet fun animals at every level. Perfect for young and curious minds.

Lion and cow celebrating next to a game board in MemoKids
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Creating Unforgettable Moments

Founded with a passion for creating unforgettable playful experiences, Monkey Games has stood out in the world of video games for children. Our mission is to combine learning and fun in games that challenge and entertain at the same time.

MemoKids is our flagship game, a memory game designed especially for children, where the animal kingdom comes to life in the form of entertaining cards. With over 500,000 downloads, we feel honored to have touched so many young lives, providing a safe and educational space to play.

At Monkey Games, we believe that play is an essential form of learning. Every download, every smile, and every moment of fun drives us to keep creating, innovating, and dreaming big for our young players.

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Discover the magic of MemoKids.

An unforgettable experience of memory and fun with our adorable animal friends.

Monkey on tree with memory cards in MemoKids game
Thrilling Experience

With an intuitive interface and a clear design, MemoKids is specifically designed for children, offering simple yet thrilling gameplay.

Bunny card on a floating log in MemoKids
Sticker Collection

Unlock cute postcards of our adorable animals in costumes as you progress. Collect them all in your personal album by gathering coins and overcoming challenges.

Level map featuring various animals and landscapes for children's game
Continuous Challenge

With over 120 levels in adventure mode, each stage presents a new challenge that will test children's memory, progressively increasing in difficulty.

Thoughtful girl with icons representing ideas and thoughts around her
Educational Game

Enhances visual attention, memory, concentration, and logical thinking. Especially recommended for children with ADHD.

Selection screen with three difficulty levels: easy, normal, and hard, and a thematic ocean image
Classic Mode

MemoKids adapts to the preferences and abilities of each child. In our custom mode, players can set up their own challenges, choosing the number of cards and the theme of the animals for a unique experience.

Smiling girls using a digital tablet
Social Interaction

MemoKids not only strengthens memory and concentration but also promotes social interaction. Children can challenge their friends to see who has the best memory, adding a competitive and social dimension to the game.

"Lion, starfish, snake, and dog icons from the MemoKids game

Download MemoKids now and embark on a journey full of surprises and learning alongside your favorite animals.

Are you ready to test your memory? Let the great adventure begin!